Vimy Award Recipients

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Previous recipients of the prestigious Vimy Award include:

Les récipiendaires précédents du Prix Vimy prestigieux comprennent:

2015 The Honourable Hugh D. Segal
2014 Honorary Colonel Blake Goldring
2013 Brigadier-​General W. Don Macnamara (Ret’d)
2012 Honorary Colonel Frederick Philip Mannix
2011 Major-​General Jonathan Vance
2010 The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson
2009 Warrant Officer William MacDonald
2008 General Rick Hillier
2007 General Raymond R. Henault
2006 Brigadier-​General David Fraser
2005 Mr. G. Hamilton Southam
2004 Dr. David Bercuson
2003 General Paul Manson
2002 Colonel the Hon. John Fraser
2001 Air Commodore Leonard Birchall (Ret’d)
2000 The Hon. Barnett Danson
1999 Lieutenant-​General Charles H. Belzile
1998 Vice-​Admiral Larry Murray
1997 The Rt. Hon. Brian Dickson
1996 Dr. Jack Granatstein
1995 Major-​General Roméo Dallaire
1994 Major-​General William Howard
1993 Major-​General Lewis MacKenzie
1992 General John de Chastelain
1991 The Rt. Hon. Joe Clark

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