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The Collapse of Yemen
CDA Institute guest contributor Emmanuel Seitelbach offers an overview on the situation in Yemen and the Saudi Arabia-​led intervention. Last winter, Canadians enjoyed the price of gasoline below one dollar for only a short period of time. One contributing factor to the rising price of a barrel of crude is the crisis in Yemen. The chaos taking…
Supporting the Canadian Armed Forces
CDA Institute guest contributor Steve Daly, a frequent contributor to the Canadian American Strategic Review, comments on some of the problems facing the government’s recapitalization efforts. When one makes a cursory examination of Canada’s defence budget, and the monies already earmarked for major capital acquisitions, it is e…
Tweeting the Narrative: Social media’s impact on irregular warfare
CDA Institute Blogger Nick Glavin, a researcher at the US Naval War College, writes about the role of social media in irregular warfare – an especially timely topic given that two of our student Analysts, Lindsay Coombs and Celeste Longo, will be participating in the #HackingConflict: Diplohack Ottawa 2015 event 2728 May 2015. Insurgents have bee…
Media Roundup, 19 May – 24 May 2015
We are pleased to post relevant news, articles, and commentaries on relevant security and defence related issues from the past week. Also look for additional material in our Security & Defence Briefings. ANNOUNCEMENTS The next CDA Institute Roundtable Discussion is on June 2, featuring Paul Heinbecker on ISIS/​Syria/​Canadian Mission. 70 percen…
Security & Defence Briefing, 22 May 2015
“Remembrace and Reminders” This briefing contains: From the Desk of the Executive Director CDA Institute Blog: The Forum China’s Burgeoning Navy: Assessing Priorities, Interests, and Objectives Defence Budget Scans: Canada, the US, and Australia Evolving Security Requirements in the Canadian Arc…
Special ops, photo ops and strategy
CDA Institute guest contributor Eric Morse, co-​chair of security studies at the Royal Canadian Military Institute, explores the broader context to the PMO’s recent gaffe concerning Canadian special forces in Iraq. Apart from reaffirming that photo ops and special ops rarely mix well, this month’s brazen gaffe by the Prime Minister’s Of…
China’s South China Sea strategy: simply brilliant
William Choong, a Shangri-​La Dialogue senior fellow for Asia-​Pacific security at IISS, has written a thoughtful commentary on the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s The Strategist blog about China’s reclamation efforts in the South China Sea. We are pleased to have permission to repost the piece here. In the past 12 months, China has p…
Hybrid war at work in the post-​Soviet space
CDA Institute Blogger Michael Lambert, visiting researcher at uOttawa’s Centre for International Policy Studies, writes about the dangers of Russian hybrid warfare approach. We are also pleased to present a French translation of this article below. [le français suit] War is based on the use of the military force to dominate or we…

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