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CDA Institute Analysis – “Workshop – Climate Change, Security, and Defence“
The CDA Institute organized a special Workshop on “Climate Change, Security, and Defence” in Ottawa on 16 September 2015. We are pleased to present the welcome remarks by Ferry de Kerckhove here on our Blog: The Forum. The full summary, written by An…
Analyzing China’s Rise in International Relations Theory: Neo-​Realism – Part 1
CDA Institute Security & Defence Blogger Adam MacDonald, an independent scholar on Canadian foreign policy and Asia-​Pacific security, explores China’s rise as a great power from the perspective of different international relations approaches – Né…
The Chief of the Defence Staff, the National Security Advisor, and the defence of Canada and Canadians: Where are we headed?
CDA Institute guest contributor Adam Chapnick, deputy director of education at the Canadian Forces College, comments on the respective roles of the Chief of the Defence Staff and National Security Advisor. Few Canadians, and even fewer who read…
‘Indo-​Asia Pacific’ Explained: An Assessment of US Maritime Strategy 2015
Captain Gurpreet S Khurana, PhD, had provided a useful analysis on the US new maritime strategy document for the Centre for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC). We are pleased to have permission from CIMSEC to repost the article on our Blog…
That Sinking Feeling: Inflation and the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy
CDA Institute guest contributor Ryan Dean, a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary, offers a reminder on the dangers of inflation in Canada’s defence procurement efforts. A good portion of our future navy has been sunk on the drawing board by i…
What’s New at the CDA Institute, 5 October 2015
The CDA Institute is pleased to post relevant news, articles, and commentaries on security and defence related issues from the past week. Also look for additional material in ourdraft agenda. ANNOUNCEMENTS The CDA Institute’s 18th Annual Grad…
O Canada: Who Stands on Guard for Thee?
We are pleased to repost the following open letter to political leaders that appeared on the The​VimyRe​port​.com, authored by Paul H. Chapin, Executive Editor of The​VimyRe​port​.com, J.L. Granatstein, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus at Yor…
R2P and the Responsibility to Receive
CDA Institute Security & Defence Blogger David Law, a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Security Governance in Kitchener, explores the relevance of the Responsibility to Protect in Syria. In 2005, a UN World Summit that brought together…

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