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Forced Displacement in El Salvador: Street Gangs, Violence, and the Politics of Security – Part 1
In this two-​part series, CIDE Researcher Sonja Wolf – a guest contributor at the CDA Institute Blog: The Forum – analyzes forced displacement due to gang violence in El Salvador and the state’s politicized responses to the security situation. El Salvador has historically experienced high levels of social violence. Crime and violence, however, skyr…
What Borders Mean To Europe
George Friedman provides his thoughts on the border situation in Europe in STRATFOR’s Geopolitical Weekly. We are pleased to have permission to repost the following excerpt of it on the CDA Institute Blog: The Forum. Europe today is a continent of borders. The second-​smallest continent in the world has more than 50 distinct, sovereign nation-​state…
Reaching New Levels of Human Insecurity
CDA Institute guest contributor Alexandra Gheciu, Associate Professor at uOttawa and Associate Director at CIPS, offers her thoughts on the global refugee crisis. According to the Global Trends Report released by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on 18 June 2015, the forcible displacement of people is at the highest leve…
Who speaks for Canada, spies or diplomats?
Former Canadian ambassadors Paul Heinbecker and Daniel Livermore recently published a piece in the Globe and Mail exploring the impact of Bills C-​51 and C-​44 on Canadian foreign policy. We are pleased to repost it on the CDA Institute Blog: The Forum. Bills C-​51 and C-​44 are now law. They are also trouble waiting to happen, because Canada’s politi…
The Gender Dimension of Veteran Reintegration: For Each According to Their Needs
CDA Institute Analyst Lindsay Coombs utilizes a gendered perspective to discuss some of the challenges Canadian veterans face when reintegrating into civilian life and, moreover, how Canada’s current policies do not appropriately match policy to gender. Since the Second World War, the functions and responsibilities of women in Canadian society hav…
What’s New at the CDA Institute, 29 June 2015
The CDA Institute is pleased to post relevant news, articles, and commentaries on security and defence related issues from the past week. Also look for additional material in our Security & Defence Briefings. ANNOUNCEMENTS Nominations are invited for the 2015 CDA Institute Vimy Award (Silver Anniversary). See the Call for Nominations Present…
Arrival of the CH-​148 Cyclone: Better late than never
CDA Institute Research Manager and Senior Editor David McDonough comments on the capabilities of and possible missions for the recently acquired CH-​148 Cyclones. The Canadian government recently announced that it has taken possession of six CH-​148 Cyclone helicopters under its Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP). An additional two are due to arrive …
The Asia-​Pacific and the RCN
CDA Institute guest contributor Dr. Eric Lerhe, a retired Commodore from the RCN, comments on Canada’s role in the Asia-​Pacific. This post is based on his recently released Canadian Global Affairs Institute Policy Paper. Over the last thirty years, Canada’s involvement in the Asia-​Pacific is probably more accurately described as erratic, ra…

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