The next Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence will be Feb 1819, 2016.
Procurement Challenges for the New Government: Assessing Liberal Defence Promises
The Honourable Jason Kenney, (then) Minister of National Defence at the 2015 Ottawa Conference
Winning presenters at the 2015 Graduate Student Symposium
Congratulations to the recipient of the 2015 Vimy Award, Honorary Captain (N), the Honourable Hugh D. Segal
Federal Election 2015: Context and Insights on Canadian Security and Defence Issues.
Read the latest issue of ON TRACK, the journal of the CDA Institute.
The Vimy Paper series covers many defence and security topics, including the Strategic Outlook for Canada.

From the Blog

e-​Info Ops: Fighting terrorism with cyber ideas
CDA Institute guest contributor Eric Dion, a doctoral student and former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, looks at the cyber dimension in the campaign against Daesh (the Islamic State). In an interesting twist in the so-​called “war on terro…
CDA Institute Analysis – “Take a Long Term View of National Defence – Part 2: Advice for Members of Canada’s 42nd Parliament“
CDA Institute Research Fellow Chuck Davies offers advice on defence issues to members of Canada’s 42nd Parliament. The following is an excerpt of the new CDA Institute Analysis. Foreword In September 2015, the CDA Institute published an Analys…
What’s New at the CDA Institute, 23 November 2015
The CDA Institute is pleased to post relevant news, articles, and commentaries on security and defence related issues from the past week. Also look for additional material in our Security & Defence Briefings. ANNOUNCEMENTS Registration is now o…
CDA Institute Analysis – “Procurement Challenges for the New Government“
CDA Institute Research Manager and Senior Editor David McDonough explores some of the short– and long-​term challenges currently facing the CAF and assesses Liberal promises to fix these problems. The following is an excerpt of the new CDA Instit…
Paris Attacks Conform to Larger Terrorism Trends
CDA Institute guest contributor Alex Wilner, an Assistant Professor at NPSIA, explores the worrisome terrorism trends over the past few years, of which the Paris attacks are the latest example. It’s been an exceptionally good year for terrorists, mi…
Analyzing China’s Rise in International Relations Theory: Social Constructivism – Part 4
CDA Institute Security & Defence Blogger Adam MacDonald, an independent scholar on Canadian foreign policy and Asia-​Pacific security, explores China’s rise as a great power from the perspective of different international relations approaches – N…
e-​Instruction: Canada’s new peace-​training era
CDA Institute guest contributor Eric Dion, a doctoral student and former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, explores how Canada could better emply the Comprehensive Approach to the threat of insurgencies. Canada has been aligning itself…
An Attack on France, an Attack on Europe, an Attack on the West
CDA Institute Security & Defence Blogger David Law, a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Security Governance in Kitchener, provides his initial take following the Paris terrorist attacks that took place on 13 November 2015. To say it is too soon to…

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