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Post-​NATO Afghanistan: Coping, but only just
William Maley from Australian National University recently wrote a piece on post-​NATO Afghanistan in ASPI’s The Strategist blog. We are pleased to have permission to repost it here on the CDA Institute Blog: The Forum. The political and milit…
Canada’s role in the Anti-​ISIS Campaign: Quo Vadis?
CDA Institute Analyst Lindsay Coombs examines Canada’s response to both Al Qaeda and ISIS. Since the summer of 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-​Sham (ISIS) has become a primary focal point of international attention and political debate. News …
Gridlock on the Korean Peninsula: Is there a way out?
CDA Institute guest contributor Leszek Buszynski from the Australian National University discusses North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and the challenges facing the Six Party Talks. There has been gridlock on the Korean Peninsula since the S…
What’s New at the CDA Institute, 27 July 2015
The CDA Institute is pleased to post relevant news, articles, and commentaries on security and defence related issues from the past week. Also look for additional material in our Security & Defence Briefings. ANNOUNCEMENTS The next CDA Institut…
Security & Defence Briefing, 24 July 2015
“Changing of the Guard” This briefing contains: From the Desk of the Executive Director The Gender Dimension of Veteran Reintegration L’avenir s’obscurcit pour le drone européen The Third Party Challenge…
‘Middle Power’ to Token Power?
CDA Institute guest contributor Zachary Wolfraim, a PhD candidate at King’s College London, criticizes the current government’s approach on foreign policy and defence. In a particularly misjudged attempt to portray the opposition Liberal Party as we…
ISIL’s Expansion: Recognizing the Mirage
CDA Institute guest contributor Bapineedu Bikkani, a researcher at the US Naval War College, explores ISIL’s expansion and relationship to its Wilayats. Last summer, the Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL) advanced across the Sykes-​Picot bord…
Committed to the Sea: China’s navy becomes a prioritized service
CDA Institute Security & Defence Blogger Adam MacDonald, an independent scholar on Canadian foreign policy and Asia-​Pacific security, offers his thoughts China’s recently released Defence White Paper. In May of this year China released its late…

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