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Christie Blatchford: Troubling report on ‘sexualized culture’ in Canada’s military may overstate problem
Originally published by The National Post, 30 April 2015. Permission to re-​post from Author. At first blush it’s a withering report — there’s a “sexualized culture” within the Canadian Forces that is so pervasive it’s “conducive to more serious incidents of sexual harassment and assault” and so hostile to women that victims rarely bother t…
In Search of Enhanced Defence Cooperation in Europe
Alexandra Gheciu, Associate Professor at uOttawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, writes about growing defence cooperation between Nordic and Baltic countries in the Centre for International Policy Studies blog. We are pleased to have permission to repost it here on our S&D Blog. On April 9, Sweden, Norway, Fin…
We are pleased to post the following statement from the Conference of Defence Associations welcoming LGen Jonathan Vance’s nomination as CDS. [le français suit] Ottawa, 30 April 2015. The Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) welcomes Prime Minister Harper’s nomination of Lieutenant-​General Jonathan Vance as Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of th…
The rise of the European Union as a military power in the 21st century
CDA Institute guest contributor Michael Lambert, visiting researcher at uOttawa’s Centre for International Policy Studies, comments on the prospects of a European integrated force. This is an English translation of the original article, which was published on our S&D Blog on 21 April 2015. Having received the Nobel Peace prize in 2012 for deca…
Roundtable Summary: How Cost Estimating can Improve the Defence Procurement Process
The following is a summary of the CDA Institute roundtable “How Cost Estimating can Improve the Defence Procurement Process” held in Ottawa on 15 April 2015. These roundtable discussions are held under the Chatham House Rule. This summary reflects Analyst Melissa Hawco’s perception of the discussion. The CDA Insti…
Pakistan’s Nuclear Insecurities: The United States Factor
CDA Institute guest contributor Adnan Qaiser comments on Pakistan’s nuclear anxieties and the dangers of instability in the country. Nation-​states often behave like human beings. While Pakistan’s anxieties can be blamed on its archrival India’s regional hegemonic designs, the country’s nuclear sensitivities are only pronounced by a focused apprehe…
Security & Defence Briefing, 27 April 2015
“A Question of Defence Sustainability” This briefing contains: From the Desk of the Executive Director CDA Institute Fellowship Program New Research Fellow Charles Davies From the S&D Blog Budget 2015 – Overview of Defence & Security Related Aspects Mind the ‘Gaps’ in Canadian Defence Pol…
Media Roundup, 20 April – 26 April 2015
We are pleased to post relevant news, articles, and commentaries on relevant security and defence related issues from the past week. Also look for additional material in our Security & Defence Briefings. ANNOUNCEMENTS The next CDA Institute Roundtable, “Russia in the Asia-​Pacific: Before and After Ukraine” with Dr. Rouben Azizian, is on…

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